The chatter was always that 16 year old actor Williams actually dated Henderson, who was 36 during the second season of the TV show in Henderson, who died of heart failure in Los Angeles on Thursday, was an public icon of American motherhood. However, over the last two decades she was too often forced to bat off the rumour in countless interviews. I just wanted to spend time with her. Although Williams made it clear that he and Henderson came nowhere near romance, the chapter title was enough to stoke an international legend about their relationship. It has made for a good story though!

Marcia Brady

The Brady Bunch first premiered 50 years ago That said, fans of the hit sitcom, which ran from until , are curious how old the kids from the series are now. And let’s just say, they aren’t kids anymore! But even as adults, the cast still holds The Brady Bunch near and dear to their hearts. Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady on the show, is now 64 years old, and will turn 65 at the end of September.

That means he was just 15 years old when the series began!

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia got her start on The Brady Bunch, too, scoring roles on Plumb joined the Brady Bunch cast as beleaguered middle daughter Jan, Whoopi Goldberg and Alexander Skarsgård Sets Premiere Date.

Davis passed away in But it’s only been months since they said goodbye to Florence Henderson , who played beloved Brady matriarch Carol. Most of all, Williams remembers Henderson as someone who “loved to make people laugh. It been 48 years since their show about a blended family first debuted, and though it only ran for five seasons, it seems eternal in TV terms thanks to regular reruns. And no matter how many years pass, these stars, now in their 50s and 60s, will always be the Brady children to faithful fans.

Still, Lookinland noted that the years couldn’t be denied, adding, “Our fans have grandchildren. For Lookinland that meant looking back at one of his standout on-screen moments — Bobby’s first kiss — which he considers “one of the most embarrassing moments” of his own life.

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The interview has been lightly edited for clarity. Q: How fun was it — or how crazy was it or how hard was it? A: It was all of those things. It was also really surreal. This is a project that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was such a cool project.

The remaining living cast of The Brady Bunch hasn’t all been together since when they did The Brady Bunch 35th Anniversary Reunion.

Oh Marcia! Brady Bunch star Maureen McCormick reveals her drug-taking, dates with Jacko and wild nights at the Playboy mansion in her new book. Maureen McCormick is famous for her role as the Brady Bunch’s wholesome older sister, but off-screen the actress couldn’t have been more opposite. While her character Marcia Brady was winning over audiences with her fresh-faced charm, McCormick was spiralling into depression and resorting to drug abuse, she admits in a shocking tell-all book.

In her memoir Here’s the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady And Finding My True Voice, she opens up about her battle with cocaine addiction, trading sex for drugs, two abortions and debauched nights partying at the Playboy mansion. McCormick says her relationship with Williams first kicked off while they were filming episodes in Hawaii. It was wonderful, too, though as we continued to kiss and press against each other so closely that we could feel each other’s body heat, a part of me – a tiny part, admittedly – said to myself, “Oh my God!

I’m kissing my brother. What am I doing? It was several years after The Brady Bunch ended that McCormick went out with Martin, who had asked for the actress’ phone number through friend Chevy Chase. But I was insecure and either high or spaced out most likely both , and I didn’t laugh at his jokes.

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The Brady Bunch is just about as wholesome as wholesome gets. The s relic depicts six children in a happy blended family, who somehow share a single bathroom one that’s mysteriously lacking a toilet and don’t even get into a single fist fight. The worst thing that happens on the series is Marcia breaking her perfect nose when her step-brother accidentally hits her in the face with a football. But anyway Her on-screen brothers also battled drug use while one of her on-screen sisters actually became sort of a drug dealer

All of the original cast members of the original Brady Bunch returned, except for to whom he became engaged in A Very Brady Christmas, and begins dating.

I’m kissing my brother. What am I doing? Now 52, McCormick – who endured a battle with drug addiction and depression – also discusses her dates with Martin and Jackson. It was several years after “The Brady Bunch” ended that McCormick went out with Martin, who had asked for the actress’ phone number through friend Chevy Chase.

I’ve always regretted my behavior because he impressed me as an extraordinary guy. I would’ve enjoyed a second date. McCormick’s time with Jackson was innocent. They met while she was starring on “Brady” and he was part of the Jackson 5. After another outing, he did give me a kiss goodbye. But it was only a gentle peck on the cheek. There were more men in McCormick’s life, which spiraled downward into substance abuse and depression as she struggled to reconcile her Marcia Brady image of the girl next door with her private pain.

But the fact that it was somebody who appeared so together on the screen is what’s so shocking about the whole thing. In the book, hitting stores Tuesday, she discusses cocaine binges and parties at the Playboy Mansion and the home of Sammy Davis Jr.

Confessions of a Brady Bunch girl: ‘I took cocaine and dated my TV brother’

Maureen McCormick has finally made peace with her alter ego, Marcia Brady. I miss her very much. The book is a painfully frank account of a lifelong battle with a litany of demons: sex, drugs, depression, bulimia, paranoia. But it is also a story of hope, because in the past two years, McCormick said, she has finally come to grips with those demons and found peace. Bruised feelings The final bridge to be repaired is the one with Plumb. She actually did have a crush on Reed, and she almost lost her virginity when she was 16 to Williams.

‘The Brady Bunch’ Cast: Where Are They Today? the off-broadway productions of Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage, Same.

Groundbreaking at the time, the sitcom followed a blended family of three sons and three daughters and ran for five seasons. Its theme song and opening credits are, well , iconic. In , he was nominated again for his role in a miniseries titled Roots. Reed passed away in after being diagnosed with colon cancer. The New York Times reports his doctor listed colon cancer as the immediate cause of death, but also listed H.

Florence Henderson was an accomplished Broadway star when she was cast as the nurturing mother figure, Carol Brady, on The Brady Bunch. After the show finished, she appeared on a number of game shows, was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars in , and stared in commercials thanks to her wholesome Brady Bunch image. America and Mrs.

The ‘Brady Bunch’ Cast Reveals Who They Were Closest To On The Show

Six cast members of “The Brady Bunch” gathered Thursday in Los Angeles at the home that was featured in the opening and closing of the sitcom. The interior layout does not resemble what was featured on the show, which ran from to Interior scenes were shot in a studio. HGTV plans to expand the home without compromising its street view and reimagine the show’s interior design. Interactive Radar.

The ‘Brady Bunch’ house was featured in hundreds of establishing shots of the classic sitcom, but several members of the show’s cast had no.

All rights reserved. Ann B. Davis fourth from right played the family’s housekeeper Alice. Maureen McCormick is seen as Marcia, the oldest daughter. After The Brady Bunch, the actress struggled with addiction for years. Her second husband was a hypnotherapist, and Henderson is also certified in hypnotherapy. Jan’s complaint of “Marcia Marcia Marcia” is one of the best-known in the series. Plumb has been painting for over two decades as a second artistic career.

Susan Olsen is seen as Cindy, the youngest Brady child. Olsen is an animal welfare advocate and artist.

Love and the Older Man

The crowd murmured in a mix of disbelief and laughter, until he explained that Florence wasn’t actually there, but her picture was. Especially when you’re a teen-age icon growing up on Friday night television, the oldest sibling in America’s first family: The Brady Bunch. In a campy multi-media show full of song, dance and innuendo, Williams spilled the secrets of the s ever-popular sit-com.

Check out what the cast has done over the years. Brady Bunch actors, Maureen McCormick CBS via Getty Images), Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic.

Davis were watched by millions as they raised their six kids from to The series also recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, where cast members commented on a myriad of topics related to their time on the sitcom. Knight saw that his role as a solid family member carried over into real life in the eyes of viewers. We couldn’t wrap up this renovation without a big celebration… and of course, all the feels.

Stroll down memory lane tonight at 9 8c. For decades, the cast has publicly proclaimed the close bonds they have formed with each other. Some cast members discussed who they share particular close ties with from the show. Only later in the show or even after did we the show we become closer and closer friends. He always cracked me up and was always great company.

I would consider him my closest buddy. Speaking of McCormick, Williams disclosed his previous crush on his former co-star. Just being together. Turns out Bobby and Peter really were close, since Lookinland returned the accolades to Knight, while also giving a shout out to Olsen. So we hit it off on that basis.

The 7 Most Shocking ‘Brady Bunch’ Secrets and Scandals

The following is a list and description of the primary characters from the classic American television series The Brady Bunch , that was broadcast from September to March Mike, a widowed architect , brought three sons to his marriage with Carol Martin and became the stepfather to her three daughters. He was named “Father of the Year” by a local newspaper after his stepdaughter Marcia submitted an essay in his honor. The character’s parents were sometimes mentioned but never seen unless depicted without identification at the wedding in the pilot , but his paternal grandfather, Judge Hank Brady Robert Reed in a dual role appears in one episode.

Shortly into the fourth season, Mike Brady grew his hair into a longer, curly style.

Family maid Alice had a hot and heavy romance with Sam the butcher (played by Allan Melvin). Ann B. Davis’ character went on bowling dates.

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Title: Love and the Older Man 05 Jan Marcia is walking around in a daze following her visit to the dentist. It’s because she’s in love, namely with their regular dentist’s new associate, Dr.

Stanley Vogel. Marcia gets the idea that she could become Mrs.

Five questions with Barry Williams of ‘The Brady Bunch’

Off-screen,the 60’s family couldn’t keep their hands off each other. On screen, those Bradys behaved themselves and kept their romances PG. Williams took Henderson out on a date when he was 15 and she was

The Brady Bunch cast is reuniting for a new HGTV show a Very Brady Renovation. Here’s what the cast looks like today, and what they’re up to.

The Brady Bunch became one of the most treasured and beloved shows in history thanks to its family-friendly, wholesome content that the whole family could enjoy together. The premise was slightly progressive as it showed the reality of living as a blended family. But overall, the show was about as benign and harmless as you could find on television. However, not everything about this show was totally innocent.

In fact, there were a few secrets and scandals behind the scenes on The Brady Bunch that some fans might not know about. The two even went out to dinner one evening, which seemed to confirm the allegations.

The Brady Bunch Then and Now